Girl’s Weekend: Seattle

Fun in the blow up pool before I left:)Splashing daddy’s feet is so funny

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The 4th Of July

These little ones never seem to run out of energy.

A High Tea baby shower

It was fun to have all my sisters together for my baby shower this past weekend, thank you all for making it so special!

A Cousin Camp-Out

We got to cross off a big activity on our summer fun list, a camp out in the backyard.

staking out camp

Many more were observing than actually helping

Remington paced back and forth taking in all the activity and the concept of sleeping outside

Gwen quickly got back to her usually digging, she of course didn’t grasp the concept of the camp out.  Thankfully she went to bed upstairs.

first she loses the shoes then proceeds to get completely covered in mud and dirt, it never fails

They were giving the house a wash he said

This little cousin will soon be old enough for his own came out with the cousins

Grasping ‘smores’ and how close you have to be to the fire.  He was actually far more interested in the ‘poking things’ as he called them.

Random cousin fun

A trip to the bakery for sprinkle donuts

watching uncle doug chop wood was super entertaining for the littles, especially rem

How she runs down hills in these rubber boots without falling beats me

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