Our Tree

These littles are pretty impressed with the tree…

The Patch

I love pumpkin patches!!

Gwen Third Birthday

Our biggest girl turned three!

First day of homeschool School! {2015}

The kids couldn’t be more excited to start their first of of their classical conversations school.  Gwen and Kensie are just in the childcare for the school day/morning but Gwen is sure she is doing school too:)

Overnight at the cabin: Fathers day 2015

It was a bit crazy but we made memories, and that was worth it.  We are pretty blessed with this guy.

A new turtle for Rem and an elephant for Gwen.

We played (old toys were new again) watched a movie in our sleeping bags jumped around and ‘slept’.  The morning started earlier than we would have liked but it was a weekend to remember.

rasberry smoothies from spooners

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