3rd (or 4th) annual cannon beach get-away (part1)

This has been several years in a row but I’m not exactly sure how many it’s been.  We enjoyed a wonderful get-away and I so love this tradition we’ve begun.


Gwen our little robot monster

She insists this is her robot outfit.  Her favorite things are: stickers, coloring, ‘roni’, babies (Bitty Baby and Daughter), kensie ‘kenny’, her robot outfit, digging in the backyard, daddy, neigh neighs (horses),  Elsa, play dough, markers, kenetic sand, pjs, Remington and getting into any kid of trouble.

Playing with our buddies, they all LOOOOOVE play dough and kinetic sand

kensie girl

This “little” gal is getting bigger every day, she especially loves her toes.

Kensie 6 months old

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