Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our inquiries; upon Him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed”

Isaiah 53:3

One of these two little ones refused to smile for the camera, we pulled out all the stops (and bribed them with fruit snacks to at least to get a smile

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Protected: A mini tour

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Early April family outings

We had planned to attend the daffodil parade but because of the rain opted for the ice cream shop instead.  We checked out Wally’s drive-in.

These two shared a cone, one of them was better at sharing than the other

It’s been warm enough to play at many different parks this spring, which has been a welcome change to all of us

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The every day

Favorite bedtime stories right now: Pat the Bunny (gwen’s)  I am a Bunny (Rem’s)

They like to squeeze into the chair with us.

Orting play date

Love how Gwen’s leg is kicked up behind her

Rem picked out a sprinkle donut and was pleased as a little peach with his choice, and yes he did share it with Gwen.

I was trying so hard to get them to actually look and smile:)

These two couldn’t get enough of the path

Spring Days: part 1

Life around here has been sweet but tiring.  Depending on the day I am either thinking I am going to pull my hair out or cry because they are getting old so fast.   Our favorite outings lately have been ones to our new coffee shop and nature walks.

Her first setnence last week was “I want daddy” when I was putting her to bed.  She has become quite the daddy’s girl and given the choice she would choose her daddy over basically anybody every time.  Thankfully I still put her to bed regardless of her preferences and although she may complain at first she does understand she doesn’t get everything she wants:)she will still snuggle with me when I rock her, and just tonight we moved her to a ‘big girl bed’ on the floor.   These photos above and below were when she caught another cold and was completely miserable.  After waking from her nap she cried until Justin got home from work.  She what I mean about a daddy’s girl?? It rears its ugly head when she is sick, most of the time it’s not THAT bad.

This is ‘baby’ and is Gwens favorite these days.  Rem brings her to her when she’s sad and she most nights requests “baby” to be snuggled with her at bedtime.  She probably has 5 or 6 babies by now but this one is the only baby that will do for bedtime.

Because the above baby is so sacred I try to not take her on outings in case we lose her:)So this baby is also runner up favorite and is cute to see how she snuggles her then abandons and tosses her from one instant to the next.

You never know when you will need your kayak right?? Only in wa… And an early morning coffee date with Auntie Kelsey and Auntie Kristi.  Both girls brought along their babies.

It’s tough saying goodbye, hahah like how gwen was super into seeing her friend through the window

A sweet side of Rem which has been coming out more and more. As we were going out on a morning walk Rem said to gwen “Let me help you baby Gwen” and took her hand to help her down the stairs.  My heart melted just a little bit:)

We rushed out that morning to see the cement mixer in action pouring a neighbors backyard patio.

Make-your-own Pizzas with Pappy and Grandma and a few of the cousins

The best I could do for a siblings shot.  This reminds me of all the times my mom took us to Vanlierop (the flower farm that used to be here in town ) in the spring for photos..

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