3 Week Old: Kensie

3 week old kensie


* her swing

* being swaddled in the woombie

* sleeping in bassinet with a blanket blocking the sun

* snuggling


* not getting fed soon enough

*  slow bottles

* the light/ sun in her eyes

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This and that


Kensie Girl with Gwen’s baby

new coffee shop in orting

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Afternoon walks

After nap walks have been part of routine these past couple of weeks.  Gwen and i both walked our babies in our moby wraps.

Someone gave Gwen this wrap and she loved it:)

the highlight of our walk

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dress up fun

Rem teaching Gwen to ‘fly’ with their capes on today was pretty adorable

Trying again for sibling photos….

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2 Weeks Old: Kensie

Three Weeks


*  The Spring George Winston CD (she stops crying whenever its playing)

* her bassinet & rocker

* the swing

* snuggling

* being swaddled & the woombie

* laying completely flat out on her back

* snuggling with her parents


* the car seat if: she’s hungry, tired or has a wet diaper

* being curled up

* the light

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