Remi’s Awanna Night

Remington’s first night as a Cubby at Awanna

Justin’s old cubbies vest

sleepy baby

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Fair Day with Pappy & the fam

We took the kiddos to the fair

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Fair day with papa & Rayma

a fun morning at the Washington state fair!

The parking by the fair is pretty fun, lots made out of people’s backyards just for the fair.  We were parked right in a garden it seemed.

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A zoo day with rayma & papa

Remi had a list of things he wanted to see at the zoo, the polar bears were at the top of his list.  Fishies were also right up there, sharks too.

3 Week Old: Kensie

3 week old kensie


* her swing

* being swaddled in the woombie

* sleeping in bassinet with a blanket blocking the sun

* snuggling


* not getting fed soon enough

*  slow bottles

* the light/ sun in her eyes

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